Operating System Tutorial

OS Tutorial

Operating System Tutorial provides the basic and advanced concepts of operating system . Our Operating system tutorial is designed for beginners, professionals and GATE aspirants. We have designed this tutorial after the completion of a deep research about every concept.

The content is described in detailed manner and has the ability to answer most of your queries. The tutorial also contains the numerical examples based on previous year GATE questions which will help you to address the problems in a practical manner.

Operating System can be defined as an interface between user and the hardware. It provides an environment to the user so that, the user can perform its task in convenient and efficient way.

The Operating System Tutorial is divided into various parts based on its functions such as Process Management, Process Synchronization, Deadlocks and File Management.

# Prerequisites

Before learning the operating system tutorial, you must have the basic knowledge about the way in which a computer system operates.

# Audience

Our operating system tutorial is designed to help beginners, professionals and GATE aspirants.

# Problem

We can assure you that you will not find any problem in this operating system tutorial. However, if you find any, you can post the problem in the contact form.